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Milorad Panić & Petar Sibinović – Experiment X (01 – 14. november 2019)

The sculpting experiment created by Milorad Panic and Petar Sibinovic at the X VITAMIN gallery is concerned with examining the process of creating matter and of its functioning at the macro and micro level. Relying on the idea that nature is the only creative source, each of the authors positions his sculpture as a challenge to its processes. Curiosity and a moderate dose of brazenness have led the two artists to solutions which make the possible – real. By observing the world that surrounds us as a micro presentation of a universal broader order, Panic points towards creative will as a reflection of the mystical properties of matter, which seeks to be transformed, to vanish and be born again. The sculptures present a fine opposition of efforts – man’s efforts to not take humankind too seriously and the nature’s efforts to surrender. At the same time, they emit the tension of makeover, at the precise moment when matter changes its state, resists gravity, breaks, collapses, and is born again. The contrast is also visible in the combination of materials: metal–wood, metal – bee wax, stone–epoxy. Sibinovic questions the extensiveness of the medium by using materials such as sponge, plastic, combined materials. In his work, any similarity with the reference shapes from our surroundings is collateral. Forms stem from the logic of the material. Sibinovic is interested in the sub reality of matter, in all the so-called coincidences in which new and unrepeatable relations are created. Color plays a major role in his work. The world standing before the observer is dynamic, pulsating; it is breathing, evolving. Both authors use the names of their sculptures to flirt the markings of chemical elements, formulas and mathematical signs. They do not wish for their works to have any symbolic meanings or narratives. This desire for objectivity in an ontological sense suggests the intention to take a quasi-scientific approach, both when it comes to creating and presenting the work. Science and art are connected. Development in one area promotes the other. Owing to this, man’s world is wondrously transformed. While striving to understand nature, scientists and artists are creating new sights, values and meanings. The thought of what is possible, as a projection of the human spirit onto the matter surrounding it, initiates further research.

Ksenija Marinković

Milorad Panić graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of Sculpting, in the class of Professor Nikola Vukosavljević. Currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the same department. Since 2010. is member of Assosiation of visual artists of Serbia (ULUS). Since 2015. works as associate at Faculty of Fine Arts. He has exhibited on numerous group exhibitions and art symposiums. He had nine solo shows. Awarded seven times for his artwork. Participated several times in stone relief creation – Saint Sava Temple, Belgrade; Triumphal arch, Skoplje, Saint Jovan Church, Požega and many others.

Petar Sibinović is born in 1986. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of Sculpting in 2011., and earned Ph.D. at the same faculty in 2018. He had 18 solo shows, and exhibited on numerous group shows. He has been awarded for his work several times in fields of sculpture, painting and drawing. He took part in many art symposiums.