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Born in  Kopar, Slovenia in 1979. Lives and works in Belgrade. He finished his MFA at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, under the instruction of professor ČedomirVasić. After completing his studies, he had several solo exhibitions including: Duplex 6, UK Parobrod (Belgrade, 2013); Fragments, NOVA gallery (Belgrade, 2012) and Remont Gallery (Belgrade, 2011); andTransit Visa (with Branislav Nikolić and Ivan Grubanov), Kulter (Amsterdam, 2010). He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions in Serbia and internationally. He was the winner of the 2008 Mangelos Art Award

Nikola Marković is responding to the problems of continuity and hyper-production of values in the information age.His works are preceded with a wish to continue and elaborate what has already been commenced. Looking  at visual information that, have potential to generate new pictorial ideas – a mix of found motives and fragments appears as the result of artists investigation. He chooses  elements and fragments from other systems and incorporate them into a new complex. The new complex shifts the point of view, shifts the point of the work, shifts the attitude and plays with various subjects from the history of art, culture and science. Intentional acceptance of diversity within one environment opens the question on the very ability to communicate. He pleads for another chance to conceive an efficient model of artistic and social liberty .