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Sofija Ružić & Tazaki Ryohei – Permeation (17 – 31. july 2019)

The delicate limit of the merging of human and artificial intelligence is often the inspiration of the artists of our time. The language of contemporary art can no longer be imagined without the elements of digital technologies, regardless of whether they are the constructive part of the work or the concept emphasizes the lack of their application.
Two artists from Serbia and Japan meet in the ”X VITAMIN” gallery in Belgrade, bringing their individual views on this topic. Investigating the limits of the sustainability of classical artistic media such as graphics, Sofija Ružić introduces dynamic elements – interactivity, intermediality. The definition of art changes in line with the development of the media, whether and to what extent the nature of man changes, the question is which artist sets. Ryohei Tazaki finds inspiration in the process of making sculptures by the classical method, by his own hands, mimicking the logic and structure of the objects created by the process of three-dimensional printing.
The permeation of two artistic subjects founded in different culturological models of countries with unequal technological development, create a common artistic truth in a unique exhibition space. The desire to identify the human factor in the age of technocracy and the faith in the power of human creativity using the experience of new media, is the message of this exhibition.