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When Uroš Djuric gets into a taxi in Belgrade, he is greeted like a pop star. After all, the retired punk enjoys a glamorous image whose fascination reaches far beyond the alternative art scene of the Serbian capital […]

In 1994, the movie actor, publisher of underground comics, graphic artist, DJ in the club “The Hole,” and designer of pertinent radio shows for the Belgrade network B92 published the “Autonomism Manifesto” together with Stevan Markuš, thus establishing the “personal principle” as the chief motivation for the production of art at the fringe of a society in which bankers, politicians, lawbreakers, and war criminals were considered heroes. “The most important criteria for entering their club,” Djuriæ recounts, “was to join them in their game.” […] When Uroš Djuriæ paints, he does so in the reassuring awareness of being a conceptual artist[…] Djuriæ samples styles and contexts and cherishes the irony-clad genre of a true intellectual whose success derives from his – occasionally traumatic – affiliation with a minority on the one hand and his belonging to an elite on the other.

Brigitte Huck