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Vuk Vučković Solo Show

Vuk Vučković Solo Show

Vuk is known for his series of paintings, “Exciting Cities”, where he presents panoramas of cities in great detail, highlighting objects that make them unique and recognizable. Following Belgrade, New York, Novi Sad, Chicago and London, Vienna, which the artist worked on during 2018, will be added to the series and shown for the first time.

The exhibition, “Vuk Vučković – Solo Show”, present a unique interrelationship between the works of the abovementioned series and one unshown opus of abstract paintings entitled “Cosmic Landscapes”.

Vuk creates his “Cosmic Landscapes” during periods of thoughtful relaxation and subconscious play. They are a constant in his artistic process and an experiment in the use of colors and painting techniques. The absence of detail and form puts the viewer in the position to experience the work with an open mind and to assign meaning to it according to their own sensibility.

Vuk has been working on “Cosmic Landscapes” since 2010 and the series includes more than 40 works. The exhibition showcases paintings created during 2018, simultaneously with the creation of the painting of Vienna.

Apart from the period in which they were created, these two series are interconnected by the artist’s conviction that the power of color influences the person’s inner spirit, and his desire to bring closer his visual message permeated with the vibrancy that our daily life lacks.