Andrea Dramićanin, Mića Stajčić – Characters Of My Reality


Andrea Dramićanin, Mića Stajčić – Characters Of My Reality

Characters of my reality– Andrea Dramićanin, Milorad Stajčić
Galerija na katu
Cultural information center Zagreb, Croatia


The exhibition “Characters of my reality” is a sort of a review of the new Serbian sculpture through the work of two artists whose approach to the medium is perhaps characteristic for the dynamic changes and socio-political situation that Serbia is going through.


“Although Andrea Dramičanin (1990) and Mića Stajčić (1977) stand firmly in the positions of figurative representation, they aesthetically and substantively show the variety of approaches to the reality in which they live and work. In the work of Andrea Dramičanin, we witness the aestheticization of ambition that fell asleep, tired of expectations and tasks which she left behind, while in Stajčić’s we see a clear political thread on which all post-socialist societies rest, about the connection of the pillars of society, shown indirectly through the characters of popular culture.

This contrast between the extremely intimate, tender depiction of a girl lost in a dream and the direct, screaming, ice-humored reflection of regional political reality seems to speak of the way in which both an artist and a citizen of any country can face reality.


In this brief review, we present and offer our audience two options, either escape from reality into a dream, or exaggerate through carefully selected characters from the children’s universe placed in such a “homemade” choreography of the relationship between the Church and the State.” – excerpt from the preface to the catalog by Emil Matušić.


After the opening, there will be a conversation with Mica Stajčić, as well as a presentation of his work, as well as a brief overview through the private gallery practice in Serbia with Ksenija Marinković from the X Vitamin gallery, which represents both authors.